Unless you learn to save money, investing your bucks to grow and multiply is certainly out of question. There are several ways to save money we spend on Housing; Utilities; Transportation; Banking, Credit and Insurance; and several other activities of our day-to-day life. 101 Ways to Save Money is just a common sense indicative guide to save money and it is not exhaustive.

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Ways to Save MoneyEdit



  • Hundreds of dollars can be saved by using energy efficient appliances; enrolling in off the peak hour load management programs provided by many electric company; and efficient home heating and air conditioning equipments.
  • Reviewing the telephone bills from time to time may give you an idea to restrict and avoid certain conversations; and a a little control over conversations may also save you many dollars. Studying the free services or services offered at reduced rates may also result into good savings.


Transportation cost are really expensive, and a little reorganization and care may give us savings of many dollars. Some useful hints to save of transportation (local as well as the long distance0 are:

  • Serving the gasoline yourself, keeping the engines properly tunes, and buying gasoline where it is available relatively cheaper may result into good savings.
  • A comparison of all the available offers regarding car rentals, leasing or outright purchase (new as well as used ones) may also result in great savings.
  • Similarly, airfares may be saved by simple things like including a Saturday evening stay over (of course, if possible) or buying a ticket well in advance.

Banking & CreditEdit

Everyone has to use banking and credit services, and the service fees are moving higher and higher. A little savings in the fees and other charges relating to the usual banking and credit services may save us many dollars on an on-going basis. There is scope in such savings in almost all banking and credit services like Checking, Savings, and Investment products; charges and interest payments on Credit Cards; servicing of Auto Loans; Mortgage related payments, etc.


All othersEdit

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