In the Stock Market, patience is required as Big Movements Take Time To Develop. Yes, it is true that a northward moving bull market may give us opportunities to make fast bucks, one has to invest at the low ebb of the stock market, and wait patiently for the market to change tracks and move on the fast tracks. One writer (William F. Eng in his Trading Rules) has commented perhaps very appropriately: "There is no free lunch in this business. Successful traders make money in long, drawn out bull markets." These are markets that take time to develop. And, he is right. Let us discuss the issue a little bit further in the following sections.

If the stock market is in the final phase of a bull mode, waiting may be rather dangerous if the market suddenly drops and becomes bearish. Partly booking profits from time to time may mitigate this crisis to some extent.

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  • Trading Rules - a book by William F. Eng dealing with 50 Stock Market Trading Rules

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