Stocks are the equity stakes of corporation owners, and represent the assets of the company that would be due to stock owners and holders after the discharge of the secured and unsecured debt, and other claims.

Stocks are traded on a "stock market", also referred to as an equity market or share market, all are used name for stocks (share is the GB English preferred version to the word stock).

Stocks can be categorized and indexed in various ways. One common way is by the country where organization is located by definitions of homebase. For example, Nestlé and Novartis are domiciled in Switzerland, so they may be considered as part of the Swiss stock market, although their stock may also be traded at exchanges in other countries and a variety of stock markets.

Trade in stocks is the way to transfer money or stock or security from seller to buyer. Both parties agree on a price, and the transaction is a transfer of ownership and interest in a ration of a company.

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