Subprime Mortgage Plan - Ways to find out if you are facing Subprime Mortgage Edit

Although there are many ways to find out if you have subprime mortgage, but sometimes the process of determining if you have a subprime mortgage is complicated and hard to be developed. One thing is sure: if you know that you have problems with your credit loan, then you certainly have a subprime mortgage. Still, there are consumers that are amazed when discovering that even if they have a suitable credit they obviously are trapped in a subprime mortgage.

Some key characteristics from which you can realize that you are facing a subprime mortgage and one of those important aspects is that you must pay attention at is the level of the interest rate: if it is higher than the market level, it is not a good sign. Moreover, if the level of your mortgage rate is in the 15% range and the offered interest rate is around 5%, then you are definitely facing with a subprime mortgage.

Another way from which you can notice if you are having a subprime mortgage is the case of having the possibility to purchase your house with less than 20% for a down payment. Even if encountering this kind of situation does not guarantees 100% that you are having a subprime mortgage, still it is crucial to analyze it carefully because you are viewed as a credit risk when requesting the purchase of a mortgage insurance. The insurance is not required only for those borrowers who get a higher mortgage than 80% of the financed house, but also for those borrowers that are considered as being subprime.

During the last years, two categories of mortgage were frequently discovered among subprime borrowers. The low-doc mortgage is the first category and where the paperwork needed is not as substantial as in a usual mortgage. The non-doc mortgage is the second type for which no paperwork is required so that the subprime mortgage loan to be accepted. Hence, for the low-doc and non-doc types of mortgage the documentation about the income situation is little in comparison with other alternatives. Some information regarding the income is needed so that people can provide a home mortgage and if they do not have that information it is very difficult to obtain a good mortgage loan.

Remember that if you have one of these types of mortgage, the low-doc or the non-doc, you will surely be considered subprime because of the impossibility to prove and check your financial situation. But this could have a strong impact on your credit history or not, depending on your status. For this reason, if you own a good credit but without any documentation, you will be considered as a risk in the eye of a lender. Plus, if you think about the mortgage crisis and the recently housing shock, you will revise your decision. To sum up, there are many ways to determine and discover whether you are facing a subprime mortgage or not, and many options you need to consider when deciding to have a mortgage loan and how your decision could affect your budget.

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