The Finance Wikia will cover all aspects of personal finance, consumer business transactions and financial planning. While other wikias cover one of these topics, this wiki will be the jumping off point for all areas of personal finance. We will happily work in partnership with other wikis or develop our own content in order to be the best possible source of information for the individual who wants to build wealth, manage money, purchase wisely, invest, buy a home, lease a car, purchase insurance, etc.

It shall be the endevour of the Finance Wikia Community Members to build a complete Finance Portal and a resource to understand and de-mystify the jargons associated with all nuisances of Finance, particularly Personal Finance. The Finance Wikia shall be a repository of common financial experience and a Knowledge Bank to learn about and to neutralize the complexities which we face everyday in our financial life. You will find useful information to assist you in making smart financial decisions and to avoid the pitfalls in almost all aspects of Finance - banking & insurance, mortgages & credits, investments in & trading of financial assets, management of debts & taxes, personal financial planning, and many other financial matters.

We are interested in contributors who are laymen and those who are experts -- anyone who has information to share about financial experiences. So please jump in and add, edit or ask.


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