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Debt free lifeEdit

Capital Gains on Sale of Stock Edit


I was given stock as a child through the uniform gifts to minors act. On 5/1/08, I sold 2720 shares of AME (Ametek) stock @ $48.50 to finance a downpayment on a home. Please review the following to let me know if I'm on track:

Prices courtesy

Issue Date   # of Shares daily closing share value 08/01/97   1320 21.88 02/27/04       1320 49.65 11/27/06      1320 48.05

Date of Sale  # of Shares Sale price   daily closing share value Delta Result 05/01/2008 1320 48.5   21.88 26.62 35138.4 05/01/2008 1320 48.5       49.65 -1.15 -1518 05/01/2008 80 48.5      48.05 0.45 36

 totals	2720				                                        33656.4

federal income tax bracket: 25% 0.25 Long term capital gains tax rate: 15% 0.15 CA personal income tax rate: 8% 0.08

capital gains total tax rate 0.23

total amount due 7740.972

how do I find out how much principal I actually owe

I have a car loan w only 9 payments left. i want to pay it off early but the bank tells me the amount owed is almost a full payment extra. How do I find out what the actual principal is?

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