Internet has emerged as an excellent solution to many of the problems earlier faced by the investors. At the same time, Internet Investment Scams (or Internet Investment Frauds) are on the rise. Fraudsters misuse the facility to dupe the gullible public and people lose unquantified millions in such Internet Investment Scams.

Fraudulent Web PagesEdit

Wisely Using the InternetEdit

One should be careful to use Internet, particularly when it concerns financial and similar matters. Internet has a great potential to assist and help you. At the same time, many unscrupulous elements use it to entice you and trap you. Certain useful tips are:

  • Don't give your personal details unless you are sure of the site.
  • Don't be swayed by big claims and initial offers.
  • Don't give any advance payment - it is a sure sign of the situation that something is fishy.
  • Be especially careful of those who try to elicit information and details about you but keep their identities completely veiled and you don't have any clue about them.

Types of Internet ScamsEdit

The Internet Scams may come in a variety of ways. The Dirty Dozen is a term which describes twelve types of most common Internet Scams and some of them relate directly or indirectly to Internet Investment Scams. The Dirty Dozens cover the following Internet Scams:

  1. Business Offers
  2. Cable De-Scrambler
  3. Credit Repair
  4. Chain Letters
  5. Free Goods & Services
  6. Easy Loans
  7. Easy Income
  8. Free Personal Care
  9. Great Investment Offers
  10. Mass e-mailing for money
  11. Work from Home
  12. Prize Schemes

Moreover, novel types of scams are devised almost regularly and one should be very careful to fall prey to such scams.

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