There are many types of Investment Frauds and they may negatively impact an individual, a family, a company, or a large section of the society.




  • You should never think that there is no risk. We all should always remember that there is always risks associated with any investments.
  • You should not be swayed by the promise that a particular investment is going to give you fabulous returns.
  • It is always necessary that you get all the terms and conditions in writing duly signed by the the parties (including you, if required) concerned.
  • It is a good idea to thin over any matter - you should never decide on the spot. Pressure tactics or even tactful persuasions to agree immediately is mostly a sign of dangers!
  • One should never invest in investments which one does not understand. We should be aware of the terms related to Financial matters and issues. This will make us understand the meaning and significance of related documents and literature. This will assist us in doing our home work well.
  • Please avoid acting upon the views, comments, and testimonials of persons whom you do not know personally. Don’t act on testimonials from strangers. Someone who appears to want to share a friendly tip about a great investment opportunity may actually be a con artist trying to lure you into an investment scam.
  • Be especially wary of investments in commodities. Crooks often promise that the value of investments in coins, precious metals, artwork, oil leases, gemstones, and other commodities will rise. The truth is that the value of these types of investments can go up or down significantly.
  • Please be wary of offshore investments opportunities - they may turn out to be fine or simply sink.
  • We should always remember that e-mail scams are happening and so it is not necessary to be guided by e-mails from unreliable sources.

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