Mortgage note is a written promise to repay a specified sum of money plus interest at a specified rate. While the mortgage itself pledges the title to real property as security for a loan, the mortgage note states the amount of debt and the rate of interest, and makes the borrower who sign's the note personally responsible for repayment.

Mortgage Note buyers are companies or investors with the capital to purchase a mortgage note. If someone is holding a private mortgage, these investors will give cash and take over receiving the monthly payments that were being paid to the previous owner. A Mortgage Note for these investors are home loans or mortgages that are secured by real estate. Mortgage notes could be anything from $10,000 to $1 million or even tens of millions of dollars.

What is the advantage of a Mortgage note over a Tax lien or Tax deed Certificate? A Mortgage note will allow you to collect the interest on a monthly basis. Tax lien and Tax deed certificates are only paid when the Lien or Deed is redeemed.

When buying Mortgage notes, there are a number of things you will need to keep in mind. Not all Notes are equal. Doing the right research is very important.

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