Real estate Coaching is a educative process in which an experienced real estate coach teaches about the business world of real estate.

This type of education is a big deal in the United States. An unnamed study shows that increased incomes to people who had attended real estate coaching, as opposed to lower incomes to people who didn't. Even some successful agents dedicate their success only to the relationship with their real estate coach. This is why it is imperative that you find a good coach, so he can provide you with the harsh and honest experiences of the job, as well as solidify your motivation.

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Luther Ragsdale is a motivating and inspiring real estate coach, a self-made multi-millionaire, and veteran in the real estate field. Grooming raw talent into the best trained and equipped real estate professionals is what he excels at. Armed with the right set of skills and more importantly passion, he helped so many aspiring agents get their financial freedom and success. Today he is known as a prominent business owner, real estate broker, and a certified property manager.[1]

In addition to all that, Luther Ragsdale is also a bestselling author of wealth building books, which have allowed him to spread his teaching across the world, and touch the lives of millions readers. Eager to succeed, he started his career at an early age, and by 1999 he was the host and executive producer of his own TV show ‘Wealth Building with Luther Ragsdale’, which went on air for more than 10 years.

Mastering the art of asset management and turning profits, Ragsdale has successfully launched his own brokerage firm, and has bought and sold over 100 million dollars worth of real estate. These days, he dedicates most of his time on educating and training aspiring real estate agents, coaching them to become the best trained professionals. His ultimate goal is helping his clients reach the top, which is exactly where they deserve to be.

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