• Davideford

    When there is bad news, stocks tend to go down.

    Regardless of whether the bad news is company-specific, industry-wide or concerns the overall economy, stocks may start moving their way down a slippery slope that lasts anywhere from a day to several months.

    With the recent economic uncertainties and corresponding market performance, brokers may have been calling their clients and suggesting they buy put options on stocks they’ve been holding for the long haul. This potentially provides a bit of protection against their stocks going down.

    What are “put options?” Here are some basics:

    For those who are unfamiliar with put options, here’s a basic rundown of how they work. They provide you with a way to protect your portfolio from losses during marke…

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  • Davideford

    Have you been saving money all your life for retirement? If so, or you are in the process of doing so, beware. Have you considered that the debt obligations of the world's leading governments will most likely be financed by eroding the value of your savings? According to leading economist Carmen Reinhart, this is probably going to happen.

    Economist Carmen Reinhart argued in her March 2011 academic paper, “The Liquidation of Government Debt” The Liquidation of Government Debt”, that the US Government can finance its debt by placing “caps on interest rates” and by creating a “captive domestic audience” to invest in US Treasuries. She argues that negative real interest rates in the face of a steady, although not necessarily extreme inflation ra…

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