Value Investing is one of the investing strategies, and persons who follow the strategy of value investing are called value investors. The Value Investing was developed as an excellent style of investing in equity by a school of followers called the "Graham & Dodd" School. Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett perfected the art and science of value investing. In general term, value investing is about buying a stock at a price, which is believed to be less than its actual value. In technical term, it is called buying a stock at less than its Intrinsic Value, the real value in plain words.

A number of factors are considered to decide the value of the stock like the dividend yield or PE Ratio. Sometimes, more factors are taken into account to decide the intrinsic value of a stock.

A value investor thus buys a stock at less than its intrinsic value and holds the same until the stock acquires its true value. During the period the stock is being held, other positive factors may also contribute to the enhancement of the value of the stock like the improved performance of the company.

Apart from Value Investing, there are many other strategies, which an informed investor may adopt to fine tune her or his investment style for increasing of wealth, as also preservation of the value of the wealth. Moreover, there are many investment theories, which attempt to co-relate with investment strategies.


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